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5 Tips on How to be Funny in an Unfunny World

I've been having a hard time keeping my humor with the news lately: ISIS beheadings, Robin and Joan's passing, and remembering that Kim Kardashian is a mother. All too SCARY. So, I wrote my latest blog with tips to help us make others laugh. 5 Tips on How to be Funny in an Unfunny World.

Please READ, PRACTICE & SHARE with anyone who is humor-impaired (share links on the left side of the blog). We funny people have a responsibility to bring some levity to the darkness and I know you will like my tips.

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Joan Rivers Put a New Face on Everything - Including Herself

"People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made."

Joan Rivers changed my life… I was 8 years old, staying up late to watch Joan on Carson. Why? Because I had NEVER seen anything like her on TV.  She was Jewish. So am I! She looked like family. She could be the crazy aunt who insults someone and the next year there would be fights because...

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7 Tips to Protect Your Online Identity While Shopping

When you buy something online or just click on an item, information about you is sent to EVERYONE! And… a lot of it is wrong. Here’s a DISASTER STORY about how online shopping can go so wrong and 7 EASY TIPS on how to stop online companies from tracking you.

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Will It Ever Be Time to Joke About Robin Williams?

Some comics DON’T think that it’s too soon to joke about Robin. Really?

Hours after Williams’ death, British comic Richard Herring tweeted a joke about his suicide sparking a backlash.  After all of Herring’s gigs were cancelled, he later apologized, tweeting that he was “trying to find laughter in tragedy.” But few were laughing...

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Remembering Robin

I felt punched in the stomach when I heard about Robin Williams.

When he came to LA in the 70’s, all of us comics had our acts – material that we’d meticulously worked on. Sure, every now and then we would try out new material, but we’d never seen anyone like Robin. He would start with a piece about Shakespeare and then, distracted by someone in the audience, would zoom off in a new direction, bouncing off the lightning of ideas in his brain, firing and never misfiring.

At the time I was doing a magic act; the stage was pre-set before I began. Robin went on before I did, picking up my props and improvising with then. My magic act was ruined, but Robin taught me to let go and flow with the moment. I’ve always been grateful to him for that.

Robin’s energy was uncontainable. When he was starting out, a typical night for him was performing at the Comedy Store, driving an hour to Newport Beach to perform at the Laff Stop, driving back late at night to do a show at the Hollywood Improv and finishing at the Comedy Store with the Comedy Store Improv Players.

His new manager, Jack Rollins, organized a showcase in the small room at the Comedy Store. The audience was filled with the who’s who of Hollywood. When comics are being judged by power players, we don’t take chances. We stick to our ‘A’ material. But not Robin. I stood in the back next to Jack Rollins, watching Robin spin comedy spontaneously, scoring laughs and admiration with his in-the-moment observations and impersonations. His manager turned to me and said, “That man is going to be a movie star.”

Many people are shocked that someone so funny could be suffering so profoundly.  There is no comic who doesn’t understand; we have all experienced the dark side of the laughs. That’s at the heart of comedy; it’s the magic act of transforming pain into punch-lines. The good ones make it look easy.

It’s impossible for me to imagine a world without Robin. He did everything at a fast pace. Too bad that includes his ending. I need him now to help us get through this terrible loss.

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Judy Carter blogs on comedy, storytelling and public speaking techniques, using personal stories and her adventures as a stand-up comic turned motivational public speaker. Her weekly blogs are read by fans of her books, “The Comedy Bible” (Simon and Schuster) and “The Message of You” (St. Martin’s Press), which include comics, speakers, and entrepreneurs. She is also known for teaching the value of humor and storytelling to businesses as a leadership and stress reduction tool.