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Speaking Skills: 9 Tips for Writing a Great Introduction

When giving a speech, most people forget to write their introduction. It can be a nightmare if you leave your intro up to the person introducing you. Disaster can happen and you’re going to have to spend the next ten minutes trying to win over an audience that now thinks you’re a nobody. Here’s how to write a great intro… Read More

Comic Without Borders Stops the Spread of Adultery

How many of us feel a responsibility to respond when we see someone getting hurt? We’re faced with the choice of taking action or turning away. This issue came up for me as I was overhearing a conversation at the next table at a restaurant between a 40 year old man and his young mistress. He was cheating and I had to do something about it... check out my blog on Psychology Today

12 Tips to Write Your TED Talk

Doing a TED talk is the quickest way to establish yourself as an expert and thought leader. But, most people turn off audiences as they make the mistake of turning their talk into a "ME FEST."  This week I'm bringing you 12 tips to help you find “your idea worth sharing” and compose your TED talk. Here they are, posted on Psychology Today: "12 Tips on How to Compose Your TED Talk."

Can You Laugh Away Anger?

Last week I found myself with so much to get angry at  -- my neighbor who throws cat s**t into my yard (I'm not exaggerating), the new wrinkles on my face (overnight!), not to forget the fact that I gained 2 lbs. because I have the slowest metabolism in the world and have to jog 9 miles to work off a tic tac I had in 2005. That's when I remember that years ago a FLASHER interrupted a jog but I decided to make a different choice - not to get ANGRY, but to get FUNNY.  You will laugh out loud at my new blog:  "Can You Laugh Away Anger?"

If life has been getting you DOWN, please READ and COMMENT on "Psychology Today." I LOVE reading your comments.

I'm getting SO excited! Only 10 days to "The Message of You Workshop!" There will be stories told and TED talks written. Details and registration HERE.

Many of you from past comedy conventions remember Tracy Newman, former TV Producer of "Ellen," "According to Jim," among many more shows. Well, she's reinvented her life as a singer/songwriter 
and I highly recommend watching her new music video, "I Just See You." It's about 4 little words we all want to hear from our partner.  http://bit.ly/I-Just-See-You

Do Men Nag More Than Mothers?

My blog this week is titled: "Do Men Nag More than Mothers? - When Nagging is Love."

Google doesn't think so. Trying to get a picture off Google Images for "men nagging" - THERE WERE NONE. Plenty of women nagging men. Plenty of mothers nagging children... and billions of Jewish mothers nagging EVERYONE. (Thanks to my buddies Cathryn Michon and Bruce Cameron for posing for the blog pic.)

But... On the anniversary of my mother’s death, I was crossing the street, deep in thought when a guy lowered his car window and shouted at me, “Smile! You look prettier when you smile!” Have you had a stranger do drive-by nagging? PLEASE CONTINUE READING and COMMENT at Psychology Today...

I know this blog will make you laugh... and maybe tear up at the end...

AND... If you would like to work with me in person, there are still a few spots available in my 3-day The Message of You WORKSHOP, Oct 10-12 at the Hollywood Improv.  Come in with NOTHING, and leave with a NEW CAREER! Details and registration HERE.

Judy's Blog

Judy Carter blogs on comedy, storytelling and public speaking techniques, using personal stories and her adventures as a stand-up comic turned motivational public speaker. Her weekly blogs are read by fans of her books, “The Comedy Bible” (Simon and Schuster) and “The Message of You” (St. Martin’s Press), which include comics, speakers, and entrepreneurs. She is also known for teaching the value of humor and storytelling to businesses as a leadership and stress reduction tool.